Our Mission

Agender is a platform for change for female photographers. It is designed to be a powerful alliance for female creatives that will affect change in the photographic industry in Australia.

It’s a celebration of the great talent, wisdom and experience of female photographers. Its key goal is to bolster the careers of female photographers, and in turn not only inspire a new generation of young women, but to also recognise and work towards equal wages and opportunities for women within the industry.

Our mission:

  • Celebrate and unite female photographers. Create networks & pathways to create a supportive and inclusive environment
  • Create an inclusive process, encouraging diversity across creative talent and campaign output
  • Create new pathways for women at the start of careers, and more importantly keep them thriving in the industry for longer
  • Bring the best female photographic talent from Australia and globally in front of your clients
  • Consult to identify and rectify unconscious biases and the processes that are currently preventing parity

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