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CARA O'DOWD - 'We Are Women'

CARA O'DOWD - 'We Are Women'
CARA O'DOWD - 'We Are Women'

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CARA O'DOWD - 'We Are Women'

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  • Description

'We Are Women' - Edition of 5

  •  118.99 x 86.01 cm
  • Archival inkjet pigment print
  • Ready to frame

NOTE: If you would like the mounted version on 5mm gator board (as displayed in the Agender exhibition) please email us at angela@agender.com.au to enquire separately. The mounted version must be picked up in person locally in Sydney from Sun Studios (42 Maddox St, Alexandria).

About the artwork
'We are Women’ by Cara O’Dowd has become an iconic image for Agender 2019. Cara shot this image specifically for the exhibition, and cast a group of different women of all shapes, sizes ages and walks of life. Each woman was painted a different shade of pink. The resulting photograph is so sculptural and abstract, a powerful image that speaks very much to the theme of IWD 2019, Balance for Better.

About the artist

Cara's images are feminine and strong. She is interested in the concept of female identity and this theme is frequently repeated in her work. She also enjoys the challenge of scouting for unique locations and often shoots in wide scale, blurring the lines between portraiture and landscape photography.

IWD 2019 is about #balanceforbetter. What does this mean to you as a female photographer?

I'd like to see the industry more balanced and id like to see what who we photograph and how we photograph them more balanced too.

What does this mean to you as a human?

What a wonderful thing it would be to see the world balanced. To see women represented equally in the workplace. To see women paid equally for the same job. To see women have the same rights as men. To see the money more equally spread throughout the world. OH god I could go on. The world is so imbalanced even if we can get a couple of these things balanced in the near future it would be a start.
I'm also currently focusing on work life balance which is hard when your work has always been your life. I'm trying to be more present in the quiet moments with my family so I can be even more present in the hectic moments on set.